QUESTION: There are so many new therapies developing now, which promise quick fixes. There is this guy named “X” who comes to my country to train people to access, what he says is, deep healing. There’s a lot of marketing going on. He has been featured in top media, including The New York TimesDr. OzCNN, and has been endorsed by “X” and “X”, both with whom I resonate. He is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the field of energy medicine. I don’t believe in quick fixes, but this is what he actually promises. He says that he discovered that if you put your palms above somebody and move them in a certain way, you heal and balance that person. What do you think about this?

ANSWER: I am not familiar with this person. You are asking me about him, in spite of the fact that he has been endorsed by two people you resonate with. Why is this? This means something inside of you is still not feeling right about it. This does not mean this person or what he teaches is not for real, it just means that you do not know yet. Asking one more person will not answer your question. I can say he is amazing or he is a quack. You can not take my word for it, but have to go in, sit, and feel what the answer for you is. He might not be able to help others, but help you, or conversely be great for others and not you.

Again, you have to sit with yourself and feel the answer. Not knowing is part of the process to finding out. This is an important fact that we all tend to overlook, since not knowing can and does feel uncomfortable. Why? Because it brings up anxiety. In such situations, we try to force a “yes” or a “no”, instead of sitting with a question until the answer comes to us. But forcing will only lead to more confusion. Like waiting for a fruit to ripen on the tree, there is no forcing the issue. 

I will add by saying that having one’s palms over another with healing intent has been around for a long, long time. And certainly not something this person has discovered. In Chinese healing arts like qigong, with some training one can bring much healing to another. This is also true of many shamanic healing traditions as well as many modern healing therapies such as therapeutic touch or reiki. The training, sincerity, and clarity of the mind and heart of the practitioner as well as the receptivity of the recipient have much to do with the outcome. To say that anything is a quick fix should certainly give you some pause for further investigation.