Abdi Assadi is a spiritual counselor and healer in his 34th year of clinical practice. His work centers on helping his clients use their disease and dysfunction as a doorway to spiritual serenity. Through his decades of practice, he has learned that identifying and integrating the human shadow - those disowned or repressed puzzle pieces of self that wreak havoc in our lives - offers the most lasting healing for what ails us in body, mind, and spirit. He has studied Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese acupuncture, body centered psychotherapy, external and internal martial arts, indigenous shamanic practices as well as diverse meditative techniques. He believes we should live in this transient world as fully as possible.

The intention behind this website has been and continues to be a desire to share clinical and personal observations of the human condition in the process of awakening; shedding some light on the sometimes murky waters that intersect the oceans of psychology and spirituality.

There are no promises of riches, fame, or eternal youth here. What is offered are some guidelines to deepen a relationship with yourself. It is an invitation to delineate between unconscious ways of being and showing up to who you truly are in a conscious manner.

Even though the destination might be the same - no two paths are identical.

Apply what you find useful and discard the rest.