QUESTION: I know you have worked with Jonas Elrod from the movie, Wake Up. I can’t see these things like he can, but I can see spirits, angels, and demons with my “minds eye” - with and without meditation. I can sense them in other ways, as well. I am a firm believer in God and these spiritual realms. I go to church, and research about things online as well as pray. Lately, this stuff is all I can think about. I also meditate, and one time I went to some higher-dimensional worlds, and I was wondering if I am the only person that has done that. Am I the only one? The chakra at the top of my head is very strong, sometimes shocking to people who put their hand on my head who have experience with this. All I can focus on is my divine purpose. Mine is different than almost everyone on this planet. I’m a bit directionless at the moment. I need a mentor on these spiritual things. Let me know if you know of anyone with wisdom and knowledge I can benefit from.

ANSWER: I am happy to read that you are seeking a mentor. Humility is the best defense against the dangers of an inflated ego that has had an extraordinary experience. I can assure you wholeheartedly that you are not the only person to have reached the higher dimension that you experienced. Just as positively, I can assure you that your purpose is not anymore special than anyone else on this plane. In fact, pretty much everyone that I have come across in three decades of clinical work (including myself) will initially feel special when having such an experience. This is our ego hijacking an experience that we had, to make sure it stays just that: an experience. Egos are good at neutralizing any threat to their existence and nothing is more of a threat than an event that can reflect its insignificance. And nothing is more dangerous than an ego that feels it is special. So a strong word of caution here. Going to church, believing in God, or meditating will not be barriers to this danger. Only an honest daily inventory of where we are at will do that.

There is an abundance of teachers and literature out there that can be of assistance. Quiet your mind and you will be guided. Do not confuse the experiences that you have had with the final destination. True awakening is beyond your visited realms. As real as those are, they are still phenomenal. What we are looking for is beyond mind.