In these accelerated times, it seems that our souls are not putting up with our personalities and their constant shenanigans. Until recently, we would get messages by first gently being nudged, followed by ever increasing rumblings whenever we were out of alignment. What I am seeing now is the spiritual SWAT team breaking our door down at the most slight transgression. Behaviors and acts that reveal our betrayal of ourselves are magnified so that we can tend to our wounds. No more hiding the stench of self-forgetfulness under conducts that brought us kudos in the past, be they material or spiritual. If we caretake as a way of not dealing with our self, then we are burning out and being forced to self-care. If we are narcissists and manipulate others to take care of us, we are being handed our walking papers and being faced with addressing our own needs.

The gift of this time is that there is an abundance of intelligent energy surrounding us, which is there to support our growth and remembrance. It is crucial to ground oneself at least once a day, even if it is for five minutes, so as not to be swimming in the mass hysteria and fear served daily in the group consciousness. The fear and anxiety is the ego’s perfect trick to keep the status quo by putting some perfume on the festering wound instead of tending to it. There is a feast awaiting us any and every moment that we care to dip ourselves into the silence of self-grounding. It is out of this well that we can best serve ourselves, our fellow travelers, and the planet at large at this crossroad of deep transition.

How are you tending to your Self these days?