Just a brilliant comment sent to me by a friend, regarding astrological forecasts and such:

I had a brutal lesson years ago about information - about "fitting in" and shaping myself to an oncoming, developing situation. Instead of allowing all my life’s personal work that had passed before to be my past, I took it to be my immunity from getting shifted from change. I felt afraid of more pain; I wouldn’t take any more. I had no support group or system where I was. I was completely alone and the raw emptiness that lay ahead I quashed by verbalizing to myself crisscrossing words that built a false bottom. When reading/hearing about the oncoming change, etc., I hid my initial apprehension behind a wall consisting of conviction from my dear ego, who, desperate for safety, shouted, “This pain? Not for us. We’re safe. It’s okay. We’ve done that. Uh huh... yep, shit’s coming down. But we’re safe. We’ve done work on change from since I can remember. This is a time for me to shoot out the other side and flower at last.” But it was my ego that was talking; my words, my immense fear. No, my friend, not fear, it was unbridled terror to not go deeper. Who said life was fair? I had expected my childhood and adolescence to be enough pain. I couldn’t imagine that all that had passed before was only my ticket to this moment in time and I was just the same as everyone else. I promptly had a meltdown, but hid in my third chakra; a place I knew well.

So this time, I’m standing apart from myself a little, as naked and open as I can, with as empty a mind as possible. I ask: "Show me. Take me as far as my battered psyche can take, because I’m combusting and I don’t know anything anymore. I’ve made mistakes that have become habits that trap and limit me. They lead me far from communion, happiness, and peace. I dump my mind. I am as untethered as possible, and ask to get moved and grooved by this shift. I ask for the faith and trust I have lost. Without it, I can’t go on anymore. Do it."