QUESTION: The nature of the advice I’m seeking is related to some experiences I’ve been having over the last several months, of receiving some non-physical "visitors". On a couple of rare occasions, they’ve been quite clear in their communication with me, but other than that, they mostly just "hang out" and can make my meditation sessions incredibly intense. I’ve tried different ways of communicating with them, though not really with any success (at least in terms that I can understand). I still don’t understand the nature of what is happening, whether it’s a form of channeling or healing or some other thing that is as yet unknown to me. But because I don’t have a network of spiritual people in my life with these kinds of experiences, I find myself uncertain of the best way to progress or enhance these experiences.

ANSWER: What you are experiencing can be intense, but certainly not as odd as it might appear. There is much interaction between seen and unseen worlds at all times, it is just that most of us are not consciously aware of it. Sometimes we might get a glimpse of it as we fall asleep or awaken, but not in our conscious state. The veil has been thinning between these two sides for some time now, which is why more people are having these experiences.

First and foremost, grounding is really important. When you sit to meditate, make sure you are in your body and not floating around in your head or outside of your body as many of us do. Thinking or visualizations are some of the ways that we attempt to leave our bodies in meditation. Keep awareness on your breath while feeling your feet on the ground.

Just because there is an energy outside the seen realms, does not mean it is necessarily of spiritual benefit. Sometimes the energy might be attached to a space we inhabit, sometimes it is visiting or passing through, and sometimes it has specific teachings for us. Many times, such energies, as fascinating as they can be, are merely phenomenal happenings. It is not different than leaving the door open to our home and having different visitors stop by. Some are interesting, some are annoying, some are kind, some are draining. At the end of the day, we have to tend to our own self. Words to the wise: the spiritual path is not about accumulating information nor experience, but rather about unlearning and releasing.

The intention of these energies is something that one feels - it is not a thought one processes. So sit in your feelings: what and how do you feel during and after your interaction? How are your meditations “more intense”? Are you dropping in deeper or distracted by the frequency of the energies? Do you feel that you are learning something or has this just peaked your curiosity? Again, feel your way through it all to see if there is something to be learned or something to take a mental note of and continue on.