QUESTION: Is it just by being awake that we heal people in some way? I’m trying to figure out what I am doing that’s affecting people, and how I can strengthen it or be more intentional at least. Do you have any suggestions? I have realized it’s not so much anxiety that makes me crazy, but the hypervigilance I exercise trying to control my world. Is meditation the answer? I would love to hear any of your thoughts.

ANSWER: Yes. By being awake/present/here now we allow people to do the same. There is nothing that we need to do once we are present, it just happens. This is the great secret of being a healer: to be fully present in the moment in full acceptance of what is. This is the place that allows change to occur. One strengthens it by being true to oneself and letting go of all that is false. That easy and that difficult.

Anxiety is the physiological response to mental hypervigilance, which is borne out of feeling unsafe and out of control as a child. Being in the moment is the answer, regardless of the question. Meditation is the practice of being in the moment. One has to practice it outside of sitting in meditation, as well. Being aware of and grounding our consciousness in our breath and body are great tools for that.