QUESTION: Like the many you describe, I have been having a very accelerated spiritual time in my life, especially as of late. I want you to know that I am AWAKE. I am someone who has suffered tremendously and is still doing so… it has taken much work and many years to get to this place of knowing how I AM. As you've pointed out in one of your talks about people such as shamans, who go far and can not quite assimilate back into the world… I feel I am one of those people, but one who sees things very deeply and can not find joy or comfort in what most are able to. I do not know how to handle that - I am finding it harder and harder to be a part of this illusion… any words of wisdom?

ANSWER: It is beautiful that you have sought and found your true nature. Now it is time to bring joy and serenity into your earthly experience. Emotional issues have to be dealt with and no one is spared from them. Keep plugging away at them. I know for me, after all the hard work I still was missing the joy. All is here for the asking.

A visualization that might be helpful: finish your daily meditation with seeing two doors in your mind’s eye. Open the left door and allow all that does not serve you to leave you. Open the right door and ask for all that does serve you to flow in. Sit in this energy for a couple minutes every day. It is common for those of us who have come to spirituality out of pain (and who has not?) to forget about joy. Ask for it daily - every moment that you remember.