The present cosmic energies are bringing up every piece of unconscious pain, fear, and shame to be healed. It, of course, is intense to have all this material thrown up at one time. Some of this stuff is truly ancient, familial or otherwise. It is, however, a wonderful opportunity to heal all these jagged edges. The irony is that we really can not do anything but show up and feel into the intensity. Once we make room and feel, these unmoored, disowned, orphaned aspects of self will reveal to us how they can be reintegrated. 

The present job at hand is to stay the course by being present. To show up without judgment, action, analysis, or manipulation. Show up and feel. That is the one thing that none of us ever do, even though we put up one hell of a show acting as if we are doing just that. 

There are all these wounds that we desperately try to hide. All the immature aspects we hide and attempt to dress up. All the pieces that have turned grotesque because they have been disowned and projected out. And then there is the shame, the deep shame we all feel for so many reasons. Let us not forget the eternal source of shame: just because we feel we are not enough. 

The salve is to sit through the pain and discomfort. And in a moment of honesty, with all the shame and cringing, do the one thing we never truly do: love the one we are. Warts, wounds, deep cuts, and all.