These are some intense times we are surfing. In my own personal life, the life of those around me as well as those in my care, it’s been a hell of a couple months. Rest assured, it is not supposed to be an easy time. After all, we are shedding tens of thousands of years of programming and lifetimes of forgetfulness. The anxiety and grief that is floating around is astounding. As is the desperation in trying to keep it all at bay. Many of us are down on our knees with our hands up in surrender as our internal and external life is getting dismantled. Some of us are still insisting on keeping our head firmly up our ass while whistling Dixie, as the internal nudge becomes intolerable. Such is the power of our communal and personal hypnosis to keep a tight lid on all the pain. However, and as always, resistance is futile.

All of our repressed individual as well as communal material is coming up to be healed. It wants to be seen, acknowledged, and integrated. There are lots of useful energies and tools that have been thrown aside unconsciously over the years with this repression. Take time to sift through it all, to know what stays and what goes. We can not repeat the past and not suffer. The old does not work, and the true is birthing itself moment to moment. Trying to continue to work our will without allowing the truth to unfold will just increase the pain.

I know it gets tiring from constantly having to let go of people, places, and things that do not fit anymore. We are all being forced to clean up our act. But there is no other way. We are the birth canal, the mother, the child as well as the midwife. That is a whole hell of a lot of work, but we signed up for it. You are not alone, go inside and ask for help. Better yet, scream and beg for it. Give up the shtick that has kept spirit at bay: the victim, the caretaker, the manipulator, the narcissist. We are all afraid; it is okay to feel lost and confused sometimes. We need to stop the cruelty of hiding behind beautiful words. We have to tend to the deep festering wounds inside and outside of ourselves. The time is now. It has always been now, but the urgency has been turned up to 11.

This energy is intensified by the fact that we are all becoming deeply intuitive. Much of the time we do not know whether what we are feeling belongs to us, a person, or an animal close to our heart or the environment and community at large. These feelings are so big and overwhelming that we really do need to sit with them to sort it out. Spend some time every day with yourself, without manipulation. No prayer, no chanting, no repeating of a mantra, no forcing another demand on your poor brain and heart. Sit with yourself and listen with all the compassion that you can muster for yourself. It will not be much, but you have to start somewhere. Put down these words and start right now.