QUESTION: In December 2007, was the birth of our daughter. Six weeks before her birth, my boss told me that after the birth I don’t have to come to work again. My job was gone, but the situation brought many new things, including problems, but also a new job. So now I work on my own, I am my own boss.

But the situation now, five years later, isn’t good. The clients are going away and new ones aren’t there, and I don’t know what to do. The business does not work anymore. Now, once again, in December, the planned birth date of our second daughter. Why? Why again the same situation when the child is coming in? No future nor money? In about two months, I don’t know how to pay our rent, how to buy something to eat... What’s going wrong? What will life tell me?

ANSWER: What you describe is happening to so many of us right now. And it is bigger than the economy, although that is certainly an externalization of what is going on inside. Only you can answer the question “why again the same situation?” You have been in this place before, yes? Being let go by your boss after the birth of your first daughter. It is easy to see in hindsight that “the situation brought many new things”, including a new job. I am sure that things did not look that rosy when you were let go of your old job. In fact, you must have been just as scared and anxious as you are now, as would any of us in your situation. But it did work out.

Go inside and quiet your mind and see what this situation is telling you. And call in on the spirit of both of your daughters, born and unborn, to help you navigate this part of the journey. Ask for their help as well as their energy in your meditations to help you put food on the table. And more.