QUESTION: What words of wisdom can you share with us today, in the aftermath of these elections? How do we heal this social body? And this planet?

ANSWER: When a wound is raw and one is traumatized, the first step is self-care. To step back, ground, and find center. Going inside is the last thing we want to do on the best of days; it takes extra effort when we are in pain. We need to feel the pain, rage, shock, and whatever else comes up. To sit with all that caustic brew - which makes one want to run, bite, lash out. Making room for the feelings of helplessness is how we find our way out of it.

The state of the social body and our mother Earth is a direct reflection of our skewed hearts and minds. Every single one of us, not just the other party, person, race, sex, or what have you. It is easy to project onto “the other”, much harder to look within for our part in the unconsciousness that constantly brings calamity to our doorstep. We all have our responsibility as well as role to play in both its chaos as well as healing. The revealing of the human shadow, especially on a societal level, is frightening business. History is littered with it. What we can do is to own our internal piece of the darkness and wrestle with acknowledging and integrating it. 

That is the one gift of such times when the collective shadow is externalized. Its revelation offers a chance to examine our collective distortions. We are not helpless. We all need to be the kind stewards that this planet needs right now, while making room for all the grief, fear, and anger that might rage through us. Cool the fire around you by mustering all the Love you can access. Guided by Love, work toward playing your part in the healing that is needed.