QUESTION: Presently, I am thinking of separating from my husband after more than 30 years of marriage. Then I broke my right foot. I was told about the relationship between a fracture and some themes of life like money, security, and home.

I know that I have tried to confront my fear of being without money, losing my home, and the security of my husband’s support before I decided to separate. I felt my fear disappearing slowly, but constantly. What does the broken foot mean? Am I wrong to separate or am I right?

ANSWER: To leave a marriage of 30 years is a big decision. It must have taken much for you to reach this point. Keep the focus on the issues that have brought you to this place. Be aware of over examining external events like your broken foot to make your decision for you.

Sometimes our unconscious speaks to us through an injury. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with our thoughts that we injure ourselves due to not paying attention. Instead of focusing on what your broken foot is telling you, see what your broken heart is telling you. Not knowing is knowing. Sit with it, as uncomfortable as it is, until you know in your bones what action needs to be taken.

There is no right or wrong here. While you are still in this place, keep looking at all the ways you have contributed to a life that is not feeding you. That will be a helpful use of your time until your inner voice becomes clear.