QUESTION: I just read an interview with you in Munich’s Connection Spirit Magazine. I just love your authentic way of telling what really comes if one seriously works things out. Yes, people do really f... their clients (sexy isn't it?) and they really think they are special because of a few Kundalini moments. I see that in my family every day. My in-laws are life coaches and healers, and my sister, my husband...

But finding healers/therapists with “good” intentions is maybe impossible.

What is the way? Coming to you? Maybe, I'm quite often in New York, but no… this is quite exotic. My trust in other people is about zero to be honest. I know, I know... poor me.

But I really need someone who is like a role model.

ANSWER: What you describe is the order of the day in many places. Don’t worry your mind about it. We are in pain and afraid. All the crazy behavior passed on as spirituality is a band-aid we apply to attempt to heal these deep wounds. Remember that when you see the ugly behavior you describe acted out around you. It is pain borne out of forgetfulness. Keep the focus on your own path, that is all we have control over. You don’t need me or anyone else. Become your own role model. We all have a voice in us that tells us all we need to know. Do whatever it takes to make this voice as loud as possible. Certain behaviors or people will help with that, and many will kill it. Figure out which is which and act accordingly. The truth is within and without us, if we slow down enough and listen.

In the words of Nisargadatta Maharaj, “Don’t try to understand! It’s enough if you do not misunderstand.”

We are that we seek.