QUESTION: I just read your interview on, and it’s exactly the inner core of the zeitgeist now! What you say reflects my inner thoughts, and shows me that I’m on the right path. After two decades of spirituality, I just wake up and see that my psychological problems haven’t been solved and that I’m not able to delegate them, but have to take full responsibility for them. I must now go on where other people have been as teenagers. Tough shit! I have experienced unity with the wholeness and so much more, but am not able to live a social life. Man, this will be a hard road. Again.

Years ago, I was abducted by aliens (there are witnesses). I healed people (even with angels and the spirit beings of “John of God”); I was guided by many teachers and others in dreams and visions over years. I had unity with part of the galaxy. I was on spaceships; made time travel, saw different incarnations, freed souls (soul parts on different planets, planes, and dimensions) and dead family members of clients. I had so many visions I stopped counting. I was touched by an angel. I was at conferences of the Great White Brotherhood and even at the Galactic Council…

And now I wake up and realize that I am unable to live a normal relationship, that I’m egoistic, narcissistic, arrogant, childish, and so on… not to mention the heaviness of developing a normal balanced sexuality. These days I realize the extremely elitist side of the esoteric worldview… and obviously I must confess that the idea of “light work will change the outer world” is nonsense. It's nothing more than an overlay of inner knowledge converted into wishful thinking.

In an interview I read by you, you said, "I don’t know anything". But if anything, what one once knew was built on a spiritual worldview that is now completely questioned, then this is a serious thing…

ANSWER: Give yourself more credit. The psychological work will be much easier given your spiritual maturity and hard work over the last 20 years. And you sound very clear, and that will make it even easier. And think how much joy you will have when you marry those two aspects together in a social setting.

You say, “I was abducted... (there were witnesses)”. No need to justify your experience. You were there; you were the witness, end of story.

There are more realms than there are hair follicles on our head. You have all these experiences. And you are here now. So be in the moment, let the stories go. All those realms are no more real nor false than the one where you are reading this. And having experienced those realms does not make us any more special or wise. Just more experienced like a person who has traveled the world. That too can become a way to distract oneself. Interesting, but in the end what does it really explain except that reality is not what we suppose it to be? And that consciousness is eternal? That is a hard one to swallow, surely was for me and all those that I have witnessed.

The fact that you realize and admit your “egoism, arrogance, and narcissism” means you are far along in the best sense of the word. How wonderful.

Lastly, when I say I don’t know anything, what I am saying is that I do not need to know anything. I am learning to trust being here moment to moment. The control freak in all of us wants to know everything. Because regardless of what we say or how we act, we are scared and feel fragile. The strength lies in diving into that fragility, not defending it with stories, memories, or grandiosity. Real or imagined is not of importance. All we have is the moment, but how many of us actually practice that?

Alas, that is like building a castle in the sea. Deep within all this eternal drama unfolding in all of the realms of creation, we are loved, we are love. What else do we need to know? What and whom is there to miss? If truly it is all one, then it must be just a trick of the mind - this whole separation business, no? More words to confuse it all…

Chop wood, carry water, those are one of the wisest pieces of advice I have come across in my travels.