QUESTION: You had suggested a while back, for me to get out of the house I have been living in. The way you said it, I understood that there is a sickness here that is not even associated with my own experience, however I am still here. I was away for eight weeks and since being back, I have been spiraling - after much clarity and resolve. I am getting devoured here by energies of my family and those around me. I see it clearly now.

I can’t get out as soon as possible, but I have to get out of here. I was just beginning to have balance. Is there anything you could tell me that would be helpful? I feel very, very sick and the wounding is so pronounced.

ANSWER: The journey back to our Self has its own tempo. We can help it along by awareness and never underestimating how comfortable we are with our suffering.

Keep looking at your attachment to suffering as well as your familiarity with it. Intend deeply every day to be able to tolerate joy. You do not need to nor can you do this on your own. Ask your inner knowing to help you to let go of your love of pain and to be shown how to tolerate joy. The known is not working out for you, so now is the time to take a different tack. Take a deep breath and leap into the unknown.