QUESTION: After my first session with you, I had the grace of underemployment and could spend a lot of quiet time reflecting at home, praying, sleeping, meditating. I didn’t have anything to pull me out too far into the fray. I felt a high for about two weeks. It was as if my head had popped open and all my inner thoughts spilled out into the world I was perceiving. I would be thinking of something and overhear a conversation between strangers that related to what was in my mind.

Visually, objects like artwork or gargoyles on buildings seemed to be alive… to contain breath. I have had this happen before, but not with the visual and not with the same clarity or volume. Synchronicity was bountiful, and I was hunting for it. At a certain point, I felt I was able to see into the exact nature of my reality. I began weaving some colorful stories around this for fun. I was seeing the metaphorical/mythological as literal, and the literal as metaphorical/mythological. I had the idea that perhaps there are many layers of reality happening simultaneously... that an interaction between myself and another soul can sound and look differently depending on what level I wanted or was able to be on. Regardless, the same karma moved.

Then, I lost the need or desire for that much sleep and food. At a certain point, I crashed and got the message to work on root chakra grounding as a spiritual practice... responsibilities and worldly matters such as work, relationships, budgeting, organization, self-care, etc., this stuff is so hard for me to surrender to. I got the message that I was using this new state of consciousness to get high and this is a dead end that only exists at what is the beginning of waking up.

ANSWER: How powerful and wonderful to read of your journey. You have described the stages of opening up beautifully. The ecstasy, and of course, the dangers of trying to cling on to that ecstasy, which many of us can fall prey to. Non-attachment is crucial here: keep it simple. Let go of what needs to go and allow in what needs to come in. Regular grounding is of utmost importance here. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, while you allow your spirit to soar. That is the part about “I got the message to work on root chakra grounding as a spiritual practice”. An error that we can all make at this juncture of the journey is “using this new state of consciousness to get high”. For, in fact, as you correctly assess, “this is a dead end that only exists at what is the beginning of waking up”.

“Synchronicity was bountiful, and I was hunting for it” is an example of how attachment to certain things can be problematic. The first part of being aware of how held we are in the bountifulness of synchronicity is a helpful observation. The addictive attachment to seeking it out and hunting for it keeps the illusory separation firmly in place. On the path, keeping it simple is good practice. Letting go of aversions and preferences is a safe bet. Yes, there are many levels of reality happening simultaneously, but we have a hard enough time with just one. So keep the focus on what is in front of you. Be here now.