QUESTION: Six years ago, my husband left me and I fell into a deep depression. My friend recommended calling a psychic reader - this was the entry to an addiction I had over many years. I spent a lot of money calling them every day. In Germany, it's a very big business - the biggest company makes millions a year. It is so scary to see. I still suffer from time to time being addicted to psychics. I can’t forgive myself that I spent so much money on them. I do try to meditate regularly.

In my thinking people are so blind, how can I protect myself (I work at the airport) from all the negative energies people carry? I have to deal every day with thousands of people from all over the world - it seems like they want to steal my energy.

ANSWER: Be gentle with yourself. Your addiction is no different to any other addiction: we seek out comfort in the face of pain, even though it might be destructive and short-lived. We are particularly vulnerable to the seeking of psychics at such times, since we want to be told that it will be all right, that we will be taken care of. Our perceived withdrawal of love when a partner leaves can bring on such deep old fears that conscious reasoning is useless. We are in terror and will do anything to push that terror away. Have compassion with yourself for being human. Yes, it can be a problem, but it is no different than anything that we use to numb: alcohol, cigarettes, food, computers, etc. Anything that we use to not feel leads to problems down the road.

You say people are blind, the reality is: that we are all blind. Or rather have blind spots. Remember that we are powerless in changing others; all we can do is work on ourselves and our reaction to others. Meditation is certainly helpful here, as is some psychotherapy to deal with your pain if it is not resolved yet.

The best way to “protect” yourself from the energies you describe is to ground yourself during your work. That means breathing and feeling your feet as you do your duties in the airport. See all those passengers as your teacher: your work would be to not react to them. Not easy I know, but use what is in front of you to soften yourself. A good bath with salt and lavender (and if you have no bath, a shower with rubbing it on yourself) can do wonders to clear the field of unwanted energies.