QUESTION: I’m wondering if there are safe ways to open to the spirits? The early experiences I had, or saw others having with spirits, were quite disturbing. I asked for that channel to be shut down, and for the most part it was. I was afraid of letting in harmful entities. 

I do feel closer to the spirit world lately, as unfortunately my husband and I lost a child six months ago, due to a miscarriage. Since that time, I’ve been given visions of designs to make in art, and making them. First as a memorial, and then just as designs to meditate on.

I’m wanting to let spirit move through me. For guidance, to feel closer to those that have passed over, and partly just for curiosity. If it could help someone else - I’m open to that, but I have to admit it’s not my primary motivation. Are there safe ways to do this? Or is it wiser just to know they’re out there, but keep my eyes on the solid world?

ANSWER: I am sorry for your loss. Miscarriages are brutal, and my heart goes out to you. I am happy that you are planning a memorial; this is so crucial for the healing that needs to continue. Carrying out a ceremonial burial will benefit all involved tremendously.

There is opening up to spirit, and then there is opening up to spirits. That little “s” at the end of the word makes all the difference. Whatever name we use for it: spirit, consciousness, source, the absolute, the divine, God, etc.; that is the safe way of connecting. “That” is what we are, we are that. By connecting directly with Source, we bypass the problems that can arise when we connect with fragmented aspects of consciousness. The “disturbing experiences” that you've had were because of what I speak of: instead of connecting to Source, you connected to fragmented parts. Spirit vs. spirits. 

I had similar experiences in my youth, and they were none too pleasant. One thing that I learned is that if you do want to journey into those realms, set an intention of protection before you do. It is exactly as it sounds, we set an intention to connect with energies that are safe, wise, etc., and stay away from ones not so. Remember, as you’ve experienced before, not all disembodied spirits are ones we want to connect to. Trying to connect to spirits initially can be like walking into an unknown city. Maybe you’ll end up in a great neighborhood or maybe a rough one. Until you get your wits about you, best to be on the safe side. Robert Monroe covered some of these concepts in his books, such as Journeys Out Of The Body. Might be a worthwhile read for you. That would offer you some ways to protect yourself. 

Do be aware of spiritual tourism. Nothing wrong with it, just be aware that that’s what you are doing. There are an infinite number of realms and spirits that we can visit. Be clear what it is you are looking for. Nothing wrong with taking a spin in it; be clear why you are doing it. Regardless of all that, do plug into Source directly on a daily level and see how that makes you feel. Simply ground yourself in your physical body and be present into the moment. There is no safer way to know.