QUESTION: I have known for quite sometime that I am healer. At times, I can see colors and smell certain things. Sometimes, my intuition prompts me to say and do things, sometimes I do them and sometimes I do not. Sometimes, I have a hard time trusting my intuition. Why? I am not sure. I have had profound experiences that have rattled my spirit, and then had really low times where my spirit was just a mere spark of hope. Lately, I have had some physical sickness and I am aware that some of it is due to inner turmoil. I am seeking and asking for clarity and peace. Are there any suggestions or promptings that you may have for a “green” healer?

ANSWER: The most important action you can take at this juncture in your journey is to start a regular meditation practice. By that, I mean creating a time and space where you can hear your own inner voice about what you need. Having access to extraordinary senses does not mean one has to become a healer. There are many great healers who possess no such abilities, and there are many who can see and perform amazing feats, and yet do not possess the compassion to help others. Compassion and a relationship with self and Self are the more important attributes.

Start your intentions by asking if healing is your true calling. Once that answer becomes clear, the rest will follow. Trusting one’s intuition takes practice, especially in our culture that encourages disconnection at every turn. It is a muscle to be developed, so set up an “intuition gym” where you can work it out. The meditation will be of immense use here, as well. Anxiety is the biggest obstacle to quieting down the mind and this energy has to be faced, felt, and integrated. Once you make friends with it, sitting with and hearing your own voice will become much easier.