QUESTION: I was hit by a speeding bike in May, one day before my birthday. It threw me to the road, setting off another sequence of sciatica pain on my right hip (from a car accident 30 years before) and hurting my neck, as well. I had just been visiting a shaman teacher and wondered why the energy I carried from that meeting put me in such a strange accident. I, unfortunately, have no medical insurance and need work desperately, but am often in too much annoying pain to feel energized... and at other times, there is no pain until I'm rundown. But I can’t seem to control the running down. I wake up with palpitations many times during the night, either from menopause or stress, and don’t want to rely on medication. What should I do/think of or meditate on to send abundant good feelings to my body as well as to my material consciousness?

ANSWER: Suffering from chronic pain is taxing on body and spirit. Seeking an explanation for suffering is natural for many of us. One has to be conscious that in attempting to understand an incident, taking responsibility for it and self-blame are not the same thing. It sounds like you are suffering and that, in itself, is difficult. Be conscious not to add to your burdens. Stepping out into the world from a shamanic healing can be quite shocking to the system. It takes time to step out from the inner landscape to the outer. That can set up an inability to be aware of our surroundings in a busy world. That spaciness can make one more prone to an accident. I do not know the circumstances of your incident, but being hit by a speeding bike is quite common - so why do you say it is strange? I treat many people annually who have that same accident. Make sure you are not reading more into things than necessary.

This is not about sending good feelings to your body, but physically taking care of it. Grounded meditation and breathwork always help deal with pain, but you also need bodywork. A reputable craniosacral practitioner, osteopath, or chiropractor would do wonders, followed by something like acupuncture.