QUESTION: Two days ago, while I was asleep, I dreamed of a spiritual examination. I was told in the dream by one of the examiners that I have an attachment.

I am interested to find a way to get the attachment to leave. This attachment is not really affecting me too much; I have just noticed that I have been a bit more negative and tired lately. I am pretty sure I can do this myself with meditation. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

ANSWER: Is it not interesting how often our psyche communicates/is communicated with what we need in our dream state? To be clear, by attachment you mean an unwanted energetic force that is attached to your energetic field and causing disruption in your system. Yes, you are absolutely correct in asserting that meditation is a powerful way to remove these attachments. More often than not, these attachments are “thought forms” that need a home, not actual entities. Once nestled into our energetic field, they feed on the particular emotion/thoughts that they vibrate with: fear, anger, anxiety, etc. They are not self-operating/independent energetic fields, as an entity would be. Rather, they are parasites that feed off of our emotions and thoughts. In ways, they can manipulate us to get stuck in particular thought and emotional cycles to feed themselves. As you correctly noticed, they can both rob energy as well as make one feel more negative than normal. A vicious cycle then, as the negativity feeds them and we get more tired, and hence even more negative.

Regular meditation is actually one of the most potent forms of keeping these energies at bay. Emphasis on regular. Breathing practices, such as pranayama, are also helpful. Spending time in spiritually-charged spaces, such as places of worship, can be useful. Sometimes when we are over fatigued, we might need some help removing them. Treatments such as acupuncture, shiatsu, craniosacral work, etc., can be helpful here. In extreme and rare situations, where actual entities are involved, shamanic extraction is required.

One method that is helpful to keep spaces clear of such energies is to play mantras in them. Even at low volume, these sounds do charge and keep the area clear. Sanskrit words when spoken are specially charged. One of my favorites is the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which is constantly playing both at work and at home - at a high volume when I am not there and at a low volume when I am sleeping. Hein Bratt’s version is particularly lovely (many people mistakenly believe it to be the Dalai Lama chanting) and can be purchased online.