QUESTION: I want to find my life purpose. I have always felt it was to be a global leader and educator... teaching what… I don’t know. I need support to get in touch with my innermost feelings. Can you help guide me?

ANSWER: In my experience, we do not find our life purpose as much as it finds us. In order for it to do that, we need to quieten our mind and allow it to be revealed to us. A regular practice of internal inquiry, by sitting and asking your inner knowing, can be helpful. That would be first and foremost. You say you feel that you should be a leader and educator. If you are getting that from your inner knowing, digging deeper will reveal the specific direction you need to go. If it is your ego saying that, internal awareness will notify you of that as well, in which case you will be directed to what will truly fulfill you.

Ultimately, and regardless of finding our place in the world, we all need to work on remembering who we truly are so that we are not coming from a place of lack/need/forgetfulness, but rather acting from a place of wholeness. Nothing outside of us (work, relationship, money, etc.) can help us here but re-membering this eternal connection.