QUESTION: I had a near-death experience about nine months ago, and I've had a hard time integrating it into my life. I was depressed being back here on Earth because death was pretty amazing, and the love I felt there doesn’t exist here. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and it was difficult for me to find anyone who had a grounded view on both the supernatural and natural world. I appreciate your wisdom.

ANSWER: Isn’t the term near-death strange? When, in fact, we are the “sleeping alive” in some way?

As you’ve experienced, the release of identification with this bodymind and its tiny hold is powerful. It is akin to taking off a ridiculously tight pair of boots after a long hike, the heart rejoices beyond belief. Your experience of pain upon being shoved back into the bodymind is the same for all who have experienced their infinite Self. That is why we get addicted to substances or practices that can get us close to that state.

The beautiful thing is that now you have the opportunity to live your life in full accordance with the remembrance that all is you. With time, this realm will soften your clarity, it is its nature. But while fresh, set your life up in a way that honors your absolute nature. It is in the small details how we betray ourselves and the truth that you describe.

Right you are about the nature of limited love in this realm as opposed to LOVE that is all. At the same time, a hundred gallons of water in the middle of a fresh water lake is insignificant, but a glass of the same water in the desert is profound. Be that glass in this desert of forgetfulness.