QUESTION: I really enjoyed your meditation class. It feels like such a deep teaching to be in my body. It’s not the first time that I’ve been reminded of focusing on the need to be in my body, but each time I do - it amazes me how much is going on in this body, how much I am unaware of what is going on within my body, and how much work needs to be done with “getting into my body” as the intention and focus.

Being that we have an aura and an energetic field around us, and I believe in homeopathy there is the discussion of different zones, and in martial arts that our energy is where we are looking, with those concepts in mind, sometimes when I am feeling, and I will use the word “uncomfortable” for lack of a better word, when I focus not only on my body, but the idea that I am more than my body, and specifically the aura field and the energetic field around me, it seems to loosen my discomfort.

Almost as if only experiencing myself as my body is part of what was making me feel uncomfortable and constricted... 

Followed by many more paragraphs of questions.

ANSWER: It would take me an hour to address all the myriad of questions that you are placing here. Getting into your body means that: be in it. Not think about it, not think about other things, BE in it. Yes, it takes work; yes it can bring up discomfort and anxiety (although, all that is happening is that one is becoming aware of what is already there, not creating those feelings). Start with this practice, without getting all heady about it. All your questions, once answered, will only lead to more questions. That is the nature of the mind. Step outside of questions, answers, thoughts, judgments, etc., for a bit, and BREATHE and FEEL. 10 minutes a day, every day, for a month. Take an honest inventory of your life then.

By being in the body, we start to FEEL what is good for us and what has stopped serving us. We can FEEL our way around issues that our minds can not help us with. Practice this first for a while, and then FEEL what needs to happen next. Stepping aside from thinking is a radical departure from our everyday automatic headiness. Drink from this ancient well fully first, and then feel what needs to stay, come, or go in your life.