QUESTION: I’m putting together a piece about ethics in energy work. I’m asking practitioners that I respect and admire: what code of ethics they adhere to when dealing with intuitive information about a person. I’m interested both in diagnosis and treatment. I have more specific questions if you need them, but at this stage I’d like to know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “ethics” in dealing with people’s energy.

ANSWER: The obvious point that comes up when I hear the word ethics is to act in private (including thoughts) in a manner that one would in public. This means that if someone else views our internal or external conduct, there would be nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

The other point is to approach our clients having met our own needs, and hence not being in a place where we place any demands on them physically, mentally, and most importantly on a psychic level.

This last point is especially crucial in dealing with intuitive realms, as the client will feel our energy and intention. An intentional decoupling of our self from the client after our session is the best insurance here. For me personally, I go over the name of all the clients that I have treated on a certain day, bless them, and release them with the intent of placing them in the hands of their true Self.