QUESTION: Can you clarify the use of the word of "forgetfulness" in your last post? Should the word "mindlessness" be in this sentence instead of "forgetfulness"? If not, can you please explain how forgetfulness applies? The line reads: “Through years of forgetfulness we all at some point have groveled after what poisons us and rejected what nourishes us."

ANSWER: The reason the word forgetfulness applies is because we forget our true nature through societal and cultural indoctrination. Mindlessness (or more accurately, incessant thinking due to existential anxiety which then suppresses our innate knowing and fortifies our disconnection) is a byproduct of that forgetfulness. The process of spiritual awakening is a re-membering, not a learning of something new. We do not learn on this journey back to our true nature, we unlearn and allow what has always been true to shine through. Here is a paragraph for you on the topic from some writing I have been working on:

There is some good news and some bad news. You have a horrific case of amnesia from a head-on collision with a birth canal. The good news is that you are everything and have come here for an experience in separation. The bad news is that you have forgotten that altogether and will mostly be wandering around unconsciously most, if not all, of your life. Your prognosis is suffering on-and-off with an immense underlying case of anxiety. There will be occasional tastes of freedom, which will, in fact, be breakthrough healing of the amnesia. You will confuse these hits of reality with whatever you are doing at the time. You will try to medicate your condition through consumption, egomania, and intermittent feelings of superiority with an underlying lack of self-esteem as well as various addictive states. All these symptoms will abate when you remember. No one can help you but you, but you have forgotten that too. There is no one way to heal your amnesia, so don’t waste your time trying to copy others who have healed theirs. One last thing: you know the saying “youth is wasted on the young”? Well, life is wasted on those living with amnesia because you will be too anxious to really taste anything fully while in this state. And once you heal it, nothing will taste as good or bad, fun or dreary, because, well, you are everything. But there will be a sense of serenity like nothing you can imagine right now. Best of luck to you. Wake up and live.