QUESTION: I enjoyed reading your book, Shadows on the Path. I can’t say where I am on the path at this point. Many dark shadows still follow me, as I am trying my best to eliminate each one with cautious care. I have a calling that beckons me, even though I resist because my professional career would be seriously compromised if my personal beliefs were to be known. I am an elementary school teacher in the “bible belt"... need I say more? Having been “somewhat” intuitive all of my life, my intuition seems to be intensifying as I meditate more and study books such as yours. Do you have any advice?

ANSWER: Glad you enjoyed the book.

“Cautious care” is the best way to own and integrate our shadows. The more we dive internally, the more is revealed. For many, the intuition intensifies. It might not even be that our intuition sharpens. It could be that our hearing becomes more acute, since we are not numbing our self to our intuition’s loud voice by constant distraction. Spend some time at the end of your meditations asking for guidance from your inner self to be shown what the next step is. And the courage to follow that step when it is revealed. This process can take time, so be patient but vigilant. Any time a doubt or question comes up, get in the habit of asking to be shown.

Meanwhile, fancy yourself as an undercover agent, spreading light and love by your presence, without informing others of your mission. In the end, the forms that we choose to shine our light do not matter; neither do our aversions and preferences. Keep true to yourself internally, all else will reveal itself.