Ask Abdi: How To Get The Best Use From A Shamanic Journey?

The Question

My partner and I are in the Sacred Valley in Peru for several weeks. I have someone who is setting up a visit with a Shaman for us.
With your experience, can you offer any suggestions or guidance so that we can get the most out of the experience?

Abdi Answers

The most important thing in a shamanic journey is the setting of an intention. The one that I have always set is “burn away what does not serve me and help me remember my true nature in a gentle manner”. You can add other intentions to this. Make sure that you understand the gravity of setting such an intention. Be aware that all intentions, especially ones made in ceremony do have concrete effects. This is not to be taken lightly nor unconsciously. Go as deep and as far as you feel ready, always balancing between your comfort zone and the need to push beyond it.